About us


Wisła Mała
In the town of Wisła Mała, not far from Lake Goczałkowice,
in a beautiful and peaceful location, we are creating the perfect place
for senior citizens.

The place will have a palace with a rehabilitation and recreation centre,
with an adjacent medical centre for senior citizens, and a helipad.

Next to these facilities, accommodation premises will be provided,
offering more than 300 spacious flats.

The entire place will be surrounded by spectacular scenery,
and located a short drive away from the nearby towns and cities of
Pszczyna, Katowice, Tychy, Bielsko-Biała.

Why not do something for yourself?

Join us in this project to create this place together with us,
the way you imagine it to be!

Visit us to learn more about the idea behind the project
and you will see and feel the place
that you can build with us!